UK Data Protection laws are changing during May 2018, and this will affect how organisations, including Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd can make use of personal data. Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd is a registered charity and has four departments: Brockwood Park School, Inwoods Small School, the Krishnamurti Centre and the Foundation. Foundation Privacy Notices which set out how we use personal data can be found here. 

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The European Union Cookie Directive, which came into effect under UK law on the 26 May 2011, states that websites need informed consent from their users before they can store or retrieve cookies on your computer. Until technology develops, the best way for us to get that consent is by letting you know here where we use cookies.

Cookies are not used to identify you personally and they can be switched off by adjusting the privacy settings on the user's browser. Find out more on the All About Cookies website.

Currently, we use a temporary session cookie valid only for the session in the guestbook and contact pages. This session cookie only stores the id of the session. We also use third party cookies from Google Analytics.
We use Google Analytics which collects anonymous information, to understand how people use our website so we can make it more effective. Google Analytics tracks this information using cookies and JavaScript code. To opt-out of Google Analytics, please consult: