Working at Brockwood Park in any capacity is more than a job opportunity - it is a lifestyle. A sincere interest in Krishnamurti's work and a commitment to creating a serious environment in (sometimes intense) co-operation with others are essential. All residential staff receive the same salary of £8,300 per annum regardless of function, along with food and accommodation. There are no pension or other material benefits.
The successful candidate will be resident in the European Union or otherwise be free to work within the UK.

The Krishnamurti Centre

The Krishnamurti Centre, in the peaceful country-side of southern Hampshire, England, is a place of study for those interested in J Krishnamurti's teachings. The Centre is open for individual and group retreats all year round, except during the month of January.

As there is no guide or structured activity outside the Theme Weekends and Study Retreats (see under events), guests may arrange their own study programme, use the library, go for walks and/or enquire informally with the others. Day guests are welcome to use the study facilities of the Centre without charge.

Job details

There are currently no positions available at the Krishnamurti Centre.

For further information about the Centre please visit or contact us through the contact page.