Working at Brockwood Park in any capacity is more than a job opportunity - it is a lifestyle. A sincere interest in Krishnamurti's work and a commitment to creating a serious environment in (sometimes intense) co-operation with others are essential. All residential staff receive the same salary of £8,300 per annum regardless of function, along with food and accommodation. There are no pension or other material benefits.
The successful candidate will be resident in the European Union or otherwise be free to work within the UK.

Brockwood Park School

Brockwood Park School, founded by educator and philosopher J. Krishnamurti, is an international co-educational boarding school in the southern English countryside. We offer a diverse and personalised programme of study for some 70 students aged 14 to 19, providing an education that encourages good academics, self-understanding, creativity and integrity in a safe and non-competitive environment.

There are currently no positions available at Brockwood Park School.

Mature Students

The Mature Students are young colleagues who come here out of their own interest in order to study Krishnamurti's teachings within the context of Brockwood Park School. Their contribution is to bring their seriousness into the atmosphere of the School by learning with staff and students about the art of living and further their own inquiry into these matters. They are the natural age bridge between staff and students and in many cases some students might look up to them for guidance and understanding. Because they do not have the responsibilities of a staff member they can be freer from the running of the school, and as a consequence students could seek them out for advice and clarification on school and private issues. It is very important that the Mature Students understand this situation fully and be ready to meet all this in the spirit of learning. We expect from them that whatever they join into in the School they do it in that spirit.

To be eligible to be a Mature Student at Brockwood Park School you must usually be aged between 21 and 28 years old with an interest in Krishnamurti's work. Mature Students are required to work for 20 hours per week to cover the cost of their food and accommodation at Brockwood.
If you would like to be sent further information or an application pack for the Mature Student Programme then please contact us at or Mature Student Program, Brockwood Park School, Bramdean, Hampshire SO24 0LQ UK.