Daily Quote     May 23rd, 2015

Pleasure always brings pain; it is a fact

There is a vast difference between pleasure and love. Consider it for a minute. All our relationships between man and woman, between ourselves and each other, is based on pleasure. And, pleasure always brings pain; it is a fact. And, where there is pleasure, there is no love. Love is not a process of thinking; love is not the result of a thought, whereas pleasure is. If you understand that, not intellectually, verbally reasoned out, if you see the fact that pleasure destroys love, and where there is pleasure there is no joy; if you see very clearly that you function on pleasure, that all your activity, all your thinking, all your being - including your gods - everything is based on pleasure which is the result of thought; if you see that it is thought which gives continuity to pleasure, which is desire; and, if you see this whole structure, then where does fear come in at all?

Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. XVI,62

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