Daily Quote     October 9th, 2015

Is it possible for me to forget myself?

To put it very simply, is it possible for me to forget myself? Don't say yes or no. We do not know what it means. The sacred books say so-and-so, but all that is mere words, and words are not reality. What is important is for the mind to find out whether that which has been put together, the experiencer, the thinker, the watcher, the 'I', can disappear, dissolve itself. There must be no other entity who dissolves it. I hope I am making myself clear. If the mind says, 'The 'I' must be dissolved in order to arrive at that extraordinary state which the sacred books promise', then there is the action of will; there is an entity who wants to arrive, so the 'I' still remains.

Krishnamurti, The Collected Works, Vol. X",254,Choiceless Awareness

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