Daily Quote     May 31st, 2016

Competitiveness between nations is destroying the world

When one has that feeling, that reality, sees the truth that every human being living on this earth is responsible not only for himself, but responsible for everything that is happening, how will one translate that in daily life? How will you translate it if you have that feeling? Not as an intellectual conclusion, as an ideal and so on, then it has no reality. But if the truth is that you are standing on the ground which is common to all mankind, and you feel totally responsible, then what is your action towards society, towards the world in which you are actually living? The world as it is now is full of violence. Only a very, very few people escape from it because they are carefully guarded, protected. Suppose I realize I am totally responsible, what is my action then? Shall I join a group of terrorists? Obviously not. Obviously competitiveness between nations is destroying the world, the most powerful, the less powerful, and the less powerful trying to become more powerful, which is competition. Shall I, realizing that I am the rest of mankind and I am totally responsible, shall I be competitive? Please answer these questions. When I feel responsible for this naturally I cease to be competitive.

Krishnamurti, Ojai, California 14 May 1982,Social Responsibility

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